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Post by alexgsp on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:34 pm

eFox Forum Rules

These Rules supersede and overrule any other instance on this Website or oral communication now or in the past.
Terms and abbreviations are at the end of the Rules.

1.YOU AGREE that your use of this Forum is governed by these Rules.

2. The Forum Officials reserve the right to edit, move, delete or close any message or thread for any reason. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Administrators is final.

3. The Forum Officials reserve the right to remove, edit or suspend any user account at their discretion. There is no right of appeal.

4. You must not post material on this Website that you do not own the copyright to, unless it is done so under a Fair Use agreement. Only one paragraph or 300 words may be posted, whichever is the greater, and a link should be given to the original source.

5. Members must be polite at all times. When addressing another Forum user, you will be polite. Courteous discussion is welcome here but heated and abusive argument is not. If attacked you are not allowed to respond in kind. Instead use the Private Message system and try to resolve matters privately and amicably. If problems persist ask for the help of a Moderator.

6. You can disagree with the subject matter of a post, but never personally attack the poster - “Attack the post, not the poster!”. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself: with courtesy.

7. These are not permitted:
Flaming (insults).
Criticising a Moderator, or how the site is run, except via PM (private message).
Discussion or mention of illegal/illicit drugs or sexual content.
Posting of vulgar videos.
Obscene or vulgar language.
Trying to place offensive text in a post by evading the forum's built-in word censor, using symbols or alternative letters for example.
Multiple identities/accounts - this also applies to Facebookers. Each member is allowed only one account on the ECF Forums.
Trolling (includes but is not restricted to:
Flooding the board with comments coming from a single point of view in multiple posts.
Deliberately posting something which is against our forum rules.
Posting something deliberately inflammatory - either to start a "flame war" or simply to cause difficulties for the Moderators.
Posting snide comments about another member.
Posting repeated criticism of Moderators or their moderation activities.
Engaging in behaviour which is disruptive to the general operation of the Forum.

8. Posting the content of PMs or personal emails on the forum is not allowed. All PMs and emails are deemed to be confidential and cannot be made public except with the prior written consent of the author.

9. Stick to the topic. Do not deviate from the subject discussed in a thread as this is called off-topic (OT) posting. Open a new thread if a new issue arises from the discussion so others can always see by the title what the thread is about. Do not post the same topic in several forums (no double-posting / cross-posting)

10. You agree that you assign to this site and its successors perpetual and unlimited license free of charge to use any content and materials provided by you. You agree that this applies to any post or article or contribution or material of any type that you submit or upload in any way. You retain copyright to any original content you contribute.

11. Freedom of speech: Your contribution to this forum is not a right but a privilege. As this is a private website there is no public right to freedom of speech. The rules we have in place are to protect the site, and to provide a convivial environment for our Members. In short: we decide what is permissible or not permissible.

12. Although the Officials will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for all messages to be reviewed. All messages express the views of the author alone, and neither the Owner nor Officials of this Forum may be held responsible for the content of any message.

13. You must not use this forum for advertising. Any post that seems to have been made for advertising will be deleted. Registered Suppliers may advertise subject to compliance with their specific rules.

14. You must not linkspam the forum. Genuine messages with genuine links that are relevant and of use to our community are permitted. Linkspam will be deleted.

15. The Private Message system (PM) must not be used for advertising or promotion in any form. Any Member spamming via PMs will be banned immediately.

16. No direct links to executable files are allowed (eg .exe, .xls, .scr). Please link to the page the file is referenced on.

17. No links to low-quality sites are allowed. This means websites that are banned by search engines to a greater or lesser degree; websites that are rated poorly by safe-surf organisations; and sites that we rate as being of low quality. Such sites include but are not limited to those listed in banned sig links.

18. Registration - your details: we require certain information about you during the registration process. You can set these details to Invisible in your User Control Panel should you so wish. In this case only the Officials can see your details - they have to be able to check this information due to legal requirements and to protect the community. We require a Location (your present country of residence) and your Birthdate, which you can of course set to be invisible. PLEASE NOTE that we do not require your address, so you remain anonymous unless you decide to publish these details on the site, which is entirely your decision. Unfortunately if you are unwilling to confirm your location and age, we are unable to allow you to participate on the Website.

19. Registration - your email address: we require you to have a valid and correctly-working email address.

20. Members' use of this forum to discuss spamming of other sites is not allowed.
a. No posts discussing the placing of unwanted text or materials on another website or forum are allowed.
b. No posts advocating methods to carry out such attacks are allowed.
c. No posts giving resources to carry out such attacks are allowed.

Any such posts will be deleted and the person responsible will be sanctioned.

21. Avatars:
a. No animated graphics are allowed except on application to the Forum Manager.
b. a photo or graphic is allowed.
c. The maximum dimensions are 150px width, 200px height, and 20kB filesize.
d. A .gif is advised.

25. Signature (sigs):
a. No animated graphics are allowed in signatures and there are no exceptions.
b. No affiliate links are allowed in signatures.
c. Signature images (graphics, gfx) must be 400 x 65px or less in dimension, and no more than 25k in filesize. We advise a .gif file.
d. Members who are permitted a linked sig graphic cannot also have text links.
e. Members may have a 'Stopped Smoking' graphic of standard size in addition to another graphic.
f. A signature is a privilege - not a right - and can be withdrawn any time for any reason and without notice.
g. No links (including in signatures) are allowed to websites we proscribe, or to websites either for, or that feature prominently:
pharmaceuticals, porn, gambling, violence, loans, credit, political parties, religious views, information considered illegal in most countries.

23. Affiliate Advertising:
Affiliate advertising is not allowed on eFox forums, either directly or indirectly. This includes, but is not limited to, affiliate links, discount codes with an affiliate code, or clickable signature banners. This also includes links to external web pages with these codes/links/banners.

24. Persons who contravene these Rules may be politely asked to desist. Further contraventions will result in sanctions of various kinds, or the member may be banned for a period or permanently. The application of such sanctions, or their severity, or whether or not offenders are informed of such sanctions, is entirely at our discretion.

25. These Rules may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to check for the latest version. The Rules may be updated without notice.

Abbreviations and terms
The Rules are these clauses on this page.
A Member is a person who has applied for and been accepted as a registered user of the Website.
The Owner is the owner of the Website.
The Officials are any of the Forum staff, including the Administrators and Moderators.[center]


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