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How to use solar cells to harness the sun’s energy.

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How to use solar cells to harness the sun’s energy. Empty How to use solar cells to harness the sun’s energy.

Post by TyrianShawn on Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:46 am

A French person named Antoine Cesar Becquerel created the solar cell. It was a device that converts energy contained in sun light into electrical energy through photovoltaic process. Soon after, in the year 1954 a group of American scientists including Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl Chapin developed a solar cell with silicon which had a higher energy conversion efficiency of above six percent.

They assembled a solar array of several silicon strips, placing them together to capture light energy or solar power and thus developed the first solar panel.
However, Bell Laboratories from New York was the first company to bring out a prototype of a solar battery into the market.

Solar panels can generate electricity without any waste or polluting the earth, or depending on the Earth's natural resources. It has over 35-year expected lifespan thus making it very convenient to use. There are numerous solar power Queensland firms who can install this technology in your home at an affordable price.

With the advent of global climate change, it has become more important that we do whatever we can to ease the pressure on our atmosphere caused by the excessive use of the electric power. This in turn produces polluted air resulting to emission of greenhouse gases further disrupting the nature’s balance.

By installing solar power Queensland Panels, you help our environment. Energy from sunlight is unlimited, as that big resource of power in the sky isn't going to be exhausted anytime soon. Solar energy is a gift to the world, utilize it well.


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